Welcome to my bathroom shopping page! Because so many of the items i use have been in my posession for a while, or I find them while thrifting, I can’t always link the exact items in my decor-BUT don’t worry- I have hunted and found similar items for you to enjoy in your homes! When you see something you like, click on the pic and you will be redirected to the site where you can purchase these items! Happy shopping!

Faux String of Pearls
Glass Bell Jar
Gold Knot
Ceramic Planters
Utopia Towels Medium Cotton Towels, White,
White Bakset With Tan Stitching
Decorative Agate Stone Slice on Metal Stand, Natural

Laser Cut Metal Wall Decor
Vintage Romance Bathroom Wall Sign
Large Faux Succulent Plant
Black Flat Metal Bracket – Large
Diamond Star Apothecary Glass Candy Jar with Lids
Delta H2Okinetic® Single Setting Shower Head With UltraSoak
in Champagne Bronze
Live Snake Plant (Mother in Law Tongue Plant)
Amber Glass Jar Soap Dispenser