I’m so glad you are here! The Roosting Place is a blog manifested out of the desire to document and share our journey as we build up our home(stead) on 5-acres inside the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area. When we bought this property in March of 2020, we had no idea the challenges, and the joys, that it would bring as we have tackled the projects that make this place our own. The best is only yet to come, so take a look around!

Here we wear dirt, sweat, and saw dust as accessories. Here, we believe that good things come with time and hard work. Here, we dance in tiny kitchens. Here, we make home.

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Latest Blog Posts

Mudroom Design

While our future home is still well under construction, I recently shared on Instagram the design board for our mudroom and decided to share links to all the pieces that have inspired this room in our home! I have to first include some honorable mentions that inspired my mudroom design: (you can find these and…

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7 Day Makeover

My sister has had a really tough year. She fractured her spine playing volleyball this past September and has had to be in a giant brace for the majority of the year. On top of the brace, complications of physical therapy, and the potential for back surgery at the age of 13, there were a…

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Coop Maintenance

Because we built our coop on the larger side and allow our birds to free-range, my maintenance schedule is very reasonable and easy to incorporate into our lives. Note that chickens are animals, and no coop will be clean all the time, but keeping a coop clean and free of moisture is vital to your…

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Thinking about Chickens?

I personally think that chickens are extremely easy to maintain and super fun additions to a farm! Besides eggs, chickens can provide meat (if you choose) soil aeration, and compostable droppings (more on composting chicken manure here) to utilize in your garden! And you don’t have to have a fancy set-up to own chickens (although,…

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