Round Top Antiques and Design Show- Spring 2023

2023 Spring Antiques Show | Thursday, March 16 – Sunday, April 2
2023 Fall Antiques Show | Thursday, October 12 – Sunday, October 29
2024 Winter Antiques Show | Thursday, January 18 – Sunday, January 21

Hello, hello friends! I just returned from my second “big” Round Top, TX trip and I cannot wait to share with you all the details, and things I have learned about this two-week, bi-annual antique show. The last time I went, I scored a couple of large items, but because we had yet to finish building the house, I refrained from purchasing too many furniture items until this trip and budgeted for some “big ticket” items”.

It always helps to have a list of items you are looking for to keep from getting overwhelmed-there is A LOT to look at! Many vendors take card, but it always helps to bring cash and checks because the wifi networks the card readers work off of sometimes gets spotty.

Click HERE to read about my Fall 2021 Round Top trip!

What is the Round Top Antiques and Design Show?

Located under an hour and a half east of Austin, TX, the Round Top Antiques and Design show is a 2-week show, with shopping along TX HWY 237 between the towns of Round Top, Carmine, Warrenton, and Fayetteville, Texas. Along this 11-mile stretch of highway sit venues, barns, and fields filled with hundreds of vendors of all scales, ready to fulfill all your shopping desires.

Not all the vendors are open until later in the show dates, so before you visit, be sure to check out this website for more details if you have certain venues in mind. While the majority of sites are free, there are a select few that charge entry tickets or parking fees.

Click HERE for the 2023 show guide with comprehensive vendor, restaurant, and lodging lists,

Where to Stay?

Since the Antique Show is a large event with many visitors from all over the world, lodging tends to book quickly. You will not find a large hotel chain close by, with the largest town within an hour’s radius being Brenham, TX. Our number one choice is booking through Airbnb, VRBO, or similar local rental sites. These stays are precious and curated to the character that this area of Texas embodies.

Our most recent stay was in Country Dome Suites.

Click HERE for a comprehensive list of local stays.

What to Eat?

We always bring snacks and a pack of water bottles with us while shopping, but this year I was surprised to see how many more food options were available while shopping in the fields. Each field and venue is set up differently, but many had food trucks, bars, and restaurants.

Some of our favorites in Round Top were:

  • The Garden Co (American and Cocktails)
  • Casa Blanke (smoothies)
  • Lulu’s (Italian)

Click HERE for a comprehensive list of restaurants around the area.


Here is where the fun begins, and where each visitor is unique. Some vendors are open year-round (typically weekend operating hours), but the majority of the fun happens during show dates. Some smaller items will be firm on pricing but for larger furniture items you may be able to negotiate, especially if you are purchasing multiple items. If you’re wanting the best deals, go at the end of the show when vendors are more likely to lower prices to minimize having to repack their inventory.

Every location is a little different in terms of budget, activities, and set up so I will give you a summary of how we spent our 3 days of shopping.

Click HERE for a comprehensive guide of all vendors at the Spring show.

Day 1: Blue Hills

I love going to Blue Hills to start off the trip: 75+ dealers, and over 100,000 sq feet of carefully curated and beautiful shops filled with unique antiques, home decor, art, and more. Here you can purchase cocktails, coffee, and food from several vendors, and the bathrooms are always clean.

Blue Hills Website

I like to start here to get ideas and ease into the weekend-I very rarely purchase large items from these vendors because prices will be higher here. Typically I will leave day one with a couple of smaller decor items unless there is a must-have piece. This is a great social venue as there are picnic tables set up around and the atmosphere is very relaxed.

Some favorite vendors here are:

  • East End Salvage
  • Leftover’s Antiques
  • Gather Goods

Click HERE for a full vendor list at Blue Hills.

Day 2: Downtown and Beyond

We started day two in Round Top’s Downtown then moved south towards Warrenton, stopping at venues along the way. Prices here still vary, but personally, these shops still sit on the higher end of my budget.

Some highlights from day two of shopping are:

  • Fickle Farms White Barn (champagne vending machine)
  • The Compound
  • Market Hill

Day 3: Warrenton

Warrenton is my favorite, budget-wise. You are antiquing so naturally, some pieces will still be pricey, but I find a lot of larger items are much more reasonable. We tend to lose steam by the time we get to the fields here, but here is where I find the best treasures because sometimes you have to explore a little deeper. There are no permanent bathrooms here, only portapotties, and food choices are limited.

Our choice locations in Warrenton are the Excess I & II fields. Favorite vendors include:

  • Kock on Wood
  • Rengai Living

On our way back to our Airbnb, we also stopped at McLaren’s, which is a fun shop to walk through as the majority of the items are source form England!

My Finds and How I Style Them:

My favorite part of coming home is unwrapping everything and seeing all my treasures together! It’s an instant boost of serotonin to see everything cohesively work together. Every old piece has a story, and I’m thankful to be a small part of their journey.

In addition to the smaller, decorative pieces collected above, we also came home with a salvaged oak dining and coffee table! The dining table is 9’2″x 3’6″ and made (new) from salvaged oak in the Netherlands. There were several styles of this table all over Round Top, and style varied slightly with prices (for a 9′) ranging from $3800-$8,000.

While I don’t know the exact history of the coffee table, I adore the salvaged architectural legs and tall stature. It fits perfectly in our living room and I plan to add some large baskets underneath for blankets and other storage. After a bit of negotiating, we came home with this large, 6’x 4′ coffee table for under $1,200.

Not everything I purchased this weekend was old; we stopped by Magnolia Market in Waco on our way home where I purchased the large pottery vase and magnifying glass. I love how Johanna Gaines’s newer product lines mimic old antique pieces.

I also found some newer glassware in Round Top home decor-centered shops, so the Round Top Antique Show truly has something for all types of shoppers! You do not have to have a design business, or a large budget, to enjoy a weekend exploring Round Top! You don’t even HAVE to buy anything to enjoy going; sometimes it’s fun to simply be with friends, and explore the treasures that antiquing brings to light.

For more info on how to collect salvaged/antique items see this post here: How to Find Antique Materials/Goods

Happy hunting & talk soon,

xx, Lanna

Pawhuska, Oklahoma: The Pioneer Woman Merchantile

This post contains affiliate links

While visiting family in Oklahoma this weekend, I learned that we were only 45 minutes away from the Pioneer Woman Merchantile, so we had to make a day trip. There are several stops you can make while visiting Pawhuska, Oklahoma-known for being the home and ranch of Ree Drummond: the Merchantile (which is home to the shop, deli, coffee shop, and bakery), The Pioneer Women Collection storefront, P-Town Pizza, Charlies Sweet Shop, take a tour of the Lodge where Ree films her cooking show, or just walk around and explore the collection of unique boutiques downtown.

(If you plan to eat lunch in the deli, be sure to stop in early and add your name to the waitlist before you start shopping! It can be an hour or more wait for a table.)

Scroll down to find links to some fun finds!

Merchantile (& Inspired) Favorites:

It seems that Ree likes to keep her mercantile merch reserved for those who make the trek to the shop! They are still adding merchandise to the website, so I’ve included some similar items to some of my favorites.

Below are some of my favorites or items similar to those I bought at the Pioneer Woman Merchantile!

Stoneware Berry Basket

Comfort Zone Candle

Black Mackenzies Flower Tea Kettle

Berry Colander

Lemon Measuring Cups

The Pioneer Woman Collection Favorites

The following links are products that can be found in the Pioneer Woman Collection.

Amelia Tea Goblets in Rose

6-Quart Cast Iron Pan

Pink Dutch Oven

Knife Set and Block

10-inch Serving Bowl

2021 Projects: A Year in Review

What a year. This year brought many hardships, challenges, lessons, and growth. This year brought joy and memories. This year brought so much love and respect for learning.

This year we learned we can do really hard things: and I’m not only talking about the projects we tackle. We learned that people come and go and that nothing is promised. But through the hardships, we found Home. By pouring myself into our home and the process of creating this beautiful life I have seen that life does not have to “go” a certain way for you to be content. You are not accountable to anyone’s expectations but your own, and no one can belittle your talents or the light you bring into the world. We are different, and we should celebrate that.

As I return to each project we completed this year, you may just see photographs and smiles. But behind each photo is a memory, is a lesson, is a triumph. I also love being able to look back and see how much I’ve grown in my craft- not only as a DIY-er, but through my documentation of these moments. I have found a creative outlet that I will be molding and perfecting for the rest of my life. So, let’s go back, shall we?

Murphy Bed

We started on the Murphy Bed in January of 2021 and though it was completed in pieces over the first few months, this is one of our most functional projects to date.

To read all the blog posts regarding the Murphy Bed click the links below:

Building the Murphy Bed

Building the Murphy Bed +Shelves

Chevron Front

Chasing the Rainbow: Murphy Bed Paint Color

Decoupaging The Murphy Bed Shelving

Murphy Bed DIY Headboard

Chicken Coop

Ahh, the infamous chicken coop! Another big project and definitely our most recognizable project of the year.

We learned a lot during the months we built the coop and put a lot more effort into the details and build than most would expect, therefore it took a good amount of time to complete. Due to the reduced daylight hours of winter, and my husband’s work schedule we were limited in the first couple of months to working on the weekends until it reached a point where I could work on my own. We purchased and modified our plans from Sarah at Twelve on Main, and I could not dream of trying to replicate those plans for my own benefit.

We have several more updates and additions planned, but until then, I will stare in amazement at the beautiful thing we built.

You can read/see more about our Chicken Coop in the posts linked below:

Our Cozy Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop FAQ

Chicken Coop Updates

Chicken Coop at Autumn

The Garden

So much was done on the garden this year. In addition to the chicken coop, the whole garden area was established and built up! I wanted a garden that was functional, yet beautiful since I spend so much of my time out here. While there are several more projects in mind for this space, I am pleased with how far it has come in such a short time.

Click the link(s) below to find out more about each garden improvement.

Ground Cover: there were a LOT of crushed limestone rocks shoveled during the Texas summer heat.

A Custom Chevron Fence was built: I adore the unique character of my fence. Adore it.

The garden doubled in size with DIY Raised Garden Boxes. You can read about my soil HERE.

We started the greenhouse (to be completed in 2022). You can see more of the incomplete greenhouse decorated for Christmas HERE.

The Workshop

In addition to the garden projects, our workshop got a complete makeover! We needed a place to call home for all of our tools, especially since we would be down in our little house for another year due to building setbacks.

Click the following links to find out more about this project:

Workshop Cabinets

Transformed Workshop

Little House Projects

Sprinkled in with the large projects were several small updates that bring joy into our home.

I Painted My Windows Black

Vanity Refresh

Board and Batten Hallway

I also updated our master bedroom with this beautiful peel and stick wallpaper from (use ROOSTING15 for 15% off)

We Started Building Big House

Last but certainly not least, we received the permits to build our forever home. This was a ten-month-long process that really dampened our spirits ( you can read more about that process HERE) and put us almost a year behind on building. But God’s timing is the best timing, and we are even more grateful for the opportunity to continue building up this place we call home.

You can see some exterior home inspiration here

Keep an eye out for my Mood and Design Boards to see more of what we have planned for Big House. (as of this point we have completed our basement and are prepping to pour the remaining foundation!)

It certainly has been a BIG year for us here at the Roost, and it can only get better. We have been blessed beyond measure and challenged in some of the most difficult of ways, but we have only come out stronger. I cannot wait to see what this year has in store for us.

God bless, and talk soon.

xx, Lanna

2021 Fall Round Top

This year my mother and I took a trip down to Round Top, TX for their Fall antique show. I will admit this trip was extremely last minute, but we decided to go after receiving the news of our permit release for our house build, and the idea of purchasing some pieces for the house made me all warm and fuzzy inside. So, we went.

You can find more updates on my Instagram: @theroostingplace.

Funny (not funny) story: I rented a Uhaul for this trip. The plan was to drive down to Round Top, shop for the day, drive to College Station (to use hotel points and pick up the Uhaul), then drive back to Round Top for day 2 and pick up any purchases made day 1. This was a great plan until the morning I went to pick up the Uhaul. I drive across town, get my 8′ long covered Uhaul, then grab breakfast and drive back to the hotel to pick up my mom. It was then that my mom looked at the Uhaul, and looked at me, and said “is that buffet table you bought yesterday going to fit?”…the answer was no, no it was not. I bought an over-nine-foot-long buffet table and it was definitely NOT fitting. So I call Uhaul, return the trailer, then drive the other direction to the other store to pick up THE LAST 12-foot long trailer in town. Blessed is an understatement. Thank the Lord we realized that mistake before we drove to Round Top and I started crying because I had to pay the shipping on a giant piece of furniture.

Round Top is broken into sections where vendors and dealers have their tents set up. Some areas are nicer, some you have to really do your own dirty work and “hunt”. We did a little bit of both. Below you can find breakdowns of two “fields” we went to, and then below that, I’ll talk a little bit about the pieces I brought home.

DAY 1: Blue Hills, Round Top

This is a nicer spot. Beautiful layout, food, drinks, restrooms, coffee, and carefully curated vignettes design to make you spend some major $$$. Here is where you will find more upscale sellers, and rightfully so. Here, the curators put in work behind the scenes finds, cleaning, restoring, and placing their pieces in ways that are beautiful. Many of these sellers have picked up their whole shop and recreated them down in Round Top for their time spent. Here you find gorgeous pieces, but you definitely will pay the price for them.

DAY 2: Warrenton

Just outside of downtown Round Top is Warrenton. There are several “fields” full of tents that you can park and wander around in. Prepare yourself to “Rough” it here. No restrooms (porta-potties), very little food (we found a tent run by the local police station with wonderful burgers), and you’ll do some more digging here. There are some larger vendors here who stage their items but for the most part, it’s all a little more eclectic. This is where I found the majority of my “decor” and smaller ticket items.

Bring water and snacks when you come to Warrenton. It gets hot and you will be tired.


The Grainery

Seltzer Bottle: Gorgeous color still has some seltzer inside.


Wooden Serving Tray

Knock on Wood Antiques

Hungarian bench

David Fairbrother French Antiques

Shoe mold (on iron stand): originated from a shoemaker shop in Lille, France. The majority of molds had individual’s names written on them so that frequent customers had their mold on hand

Aztec jar: No backstory, found in France. The seller was unsure of its origin, which makes it more intriguing

Octopus traps: Handcrafted by fishermen, a rope was tied to the jar, then submerged in about 8-10′ of water (ocean). Octopus would make a home in here and then fishermen would pull them up.

Ginger Bee

(not pictured) Large woven basket

Clay pot: to me, this looks like a honey pot, and I loved it.

Antique feed scale

Rengai Living

Stone Trough: This Dutch stone will forever have a home in our powder bathroom once we turn it into a sink!

Maps and Art

Misc print: the majority are sourced from books written in the 1920s-1930s

Misc. Shoppes

While I cannot remember the names of these shops, their treasures cannot go unnoticed

Various bottles

Food scale

Green Leather top barstools: perfect for the basement vision

I also purchased a Dr. Pepper crate from the 40s that somehow missed its photoshoot.

I do not currently have images of my two large ticket items, as they were wrapped and placed directly in storage. But I will say they are gorgeous and I will share my 1800’s chest and 9 foot buffet table with you as soon as I can get them into Big House.

Talk soon.

xx, Lanna


Beautiful views, quaint-but-lively downtown, adventure filled, balanced.

That is how I would describe our 5-day trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The weather early September forecasts clear skies, chilly mornings (lows of 35 degrees), and beautiful sunny afternoons (highs of 75 degrees). We are the type of people who love a vacation with a healthy balance of activity, adventure, and relaxation; Jackson checked off all those boxes for us. Not to mention we had great company along the way!

CLICK HERE to jump to screen shot-able suggestion lists of this trip.

This past Labor Day, we took a trip with another one of our couple friends up to the beautiful state of Wyoming, and let me say, it did not disappoint! This was an adult-only trip, so while there are kid-friendly activities mentioned, and though we did see a lot children shredding the trails, be forewarned that this is not a “How-to-Survive-Jackson-With-Children” post. (Jackson is definitely a place I will return with children-it would be a great time!)

Jackson and Jackson Hole can be used interchangebly. Jackson is the name of the main town located at the southern end of Jackson Hole; while Jackson Hole refers to the whole valley, and includes Jackson, Teton Village, Wilson, and the surrounding areas.

Below you will find suggestive day-by-day itineraries based off how we spent our time, but there is so much more to Jackson that we didn’t get to see, so I highly suggest booking a couple things in advance, but overall letting the adventure and town guide you!

Sidenote: The Yellowstone National Park entrance is approximately 1.25 hours from Jackson; however we opted to save that trip for another time because it takes an additional hour driving inside the park before you reach any points of interest. Be aware that a day trip to Yellowstone is possible, but you need to start your day EARLY.

COVID-19: As of our trip dates, the state did not require masks in public/outdoor spaces unless decided by the business; however, majority of businesses and restaurants require masks upon entry, and will provide them if you do not have one with you.

Day 1

Fly out in the morning or early afternoon.

There are two options when it comes to airports near Jackson: Jackson Hole Airport/JAC (15 min drive into town) and Idaho Falls Airport/IDA (1.75 hours into town). JAC is a smaller airport, while IDA is the larger airport. JAC is more expensive to fly into; however, we chose to fly into JAC strictly because this was such a short trip for us and we did not want to spend a good portion of our day driving from the airport.

Be sure to bring a mask, because federal requirements state that you must wear one at all times in the airports/on the airplane.

Pick up a rental car at the airport

Jackson does utilize Lyft and Taxi’s (Uber is here, but not as prevalent), many hotels provide shuttle services, and downtown is extremely walker friendly, so you definitely can get around without a rental car-but if you are planning on taking any day trips, get a rental. (For reference, a 30 min taxi ride from downtown up to Teton Village will run you about $45 one way). We used Enterprise and were able to pick up our car right at the airport, which was a super easy/quick process given that we flew into the smaller airport and had virtually no wait time.

Check into your hotel

I highly recommend staying in a hotel/resort downtown during the summer months in Jackson. It’s extremely walker friendly, the shops/restauraunts are localized here, and its adorable. I think Teton village would be perfect for a winter stay (ski in and ski out resorts), but downtown during this time of year could not be beat.

Because we are Marriott members, we stayed at the Cloudveil, which is an Autograph Collection hotel just built off the square. It was very nice, but do not waste any “free suite upgrades” on this hotel—at this location the only upgrade they gave us was a standard king room with a view vs the courtyard view, which was nice, but since we were on the second floor overlooking one of the very popular ice cream shops, we kept the curtains drawn majority of the time for privacy.

The aesthetic of the hotel is beautiful: the location is perfect, each “king” bedroom has a fireplace, the bathrooms were roomy/clean, the Bistro (hotel restaurant/bar) was great, and it does have an outdoor pool/hot tub, as well as a rooftop terrace with fire pits. Our concierge Matt was stellar, and was able to get us exclusive reservations on several occasions. This is a beautiful hotel if you are willing to splurge, it is one of the more pricier hotels in the area. If not, there are several other options to choose from (hotels and AirBnB), but again, I highly recommend staying close to downtown for ease of access, especially if you are taking a shorter trip.

Explore Downtown

We got into town around 3pm and spent our first afternoon roaming the town and shops. There are several local galleries, bookstores, souvenir shops, plus so much more. And don’t forget to take your picture under one of the iconic antler sculptures located around the Veterans Memorial park.

Eat Dinner at Snake River Grill

You will want a reservation for this restaurant, as it is one of the most sought out places in Jackson (many celebrities will eat here when visiting). Come hungry and willing to spend some $$$, because they pride themselves on “over 25 years on the Town Square… [and being] the locals’ favorite fine dining experience… featuring 300 wines and signature cocktails…SRG is a must for fresh, uniquely-crafted New American cuisine.”

The food was pretty good, and my personal favorite item we ordered was the salmon potato pancakes (just try it, its great). Unfortunately, we had a couple of “meh” cocktail moments here, so I would stick to wine.

Grab Ice Cream at Moo’s Gormet Ice Cream

If you happen to have room for more, pop over to Moo’s! Known for their natural sourcing, be sure to try the huckleberry ice cream! In Jackson, you can find huckleberry-flavored everything, so be sure to try it all!

Day 2

Grab Breakfast/Coffee at Persephone’s

Wake up early (or don’t, we know I don’t do early mornings) and head out to coffee/breakfast. If you like characteristic, cute coffee places, Persephone’s is a must. They have amazing baked goods and croissant sandwhiches which you can eat in an outdoor courtyard that makes my garden dreams swoon.

Head up to Teton Village for the Day

Teton Village is a smaller town at the base of the mountain and is popular in the winter month for the convenient lift access, but there is plenty to explore during the summer months as well! It is a 30 min drive from downtown and has beautiful views along the way (you may even be lucky enough to see some moose!) There is plenty to do in this village, and below are some activities members of our party participated in during our day at Teton Village:

  • Ride the Gondola to the top of the mountatain
    • I personally don’t like gondola’s, but the views are amazing during the ride and at the top. There is a restaurant that overlooks the valley, and unfortunately it was closed for a private event the day we went. I would suggest trying to eat there on a weekday to avoid crowds/events.
    • Click here to purchase gondola tickets. (When you buy online you save $7).
  • Hike a trail
    • Once you reach the “top” of the mountain, there are several trails at varying diffculties that will take you to the tip top of the mountain, or all the way to the bottom! We chose to hike Casper Ridge Loop, which was a beginner/moderate loop that took us about 1.5 hours to complete. It was challenging with steep inclines at the beginning, but is doable without any hiking gear. This was hands down the most best view, and worth every second.
    • Click here for a summer hiking trail map
  • Mountain Biking
    • You can find bikes for rent in Teton Village, or can bring your own!
    • Click here for a bike park map
  • Play a round of disc golf
    • Either bring your own or purchase from a local sporting good shop at Teton Village, they do not rent the discs out.
    • The course is free and you can find the map here.
  • Have a light lunch at the Four Seasons Resort
    • They have really good guacamole/salsa/queso, and great cocktails- Try a spicy margarita-you’ll find these on the menu most places because they’re very popular in Jackson! (If you aren’t a “spicy” fan, get it with half regular tequila and half infused tequila to knock the spice down!) Be prepared that this is another finer dining experience and will be a little pricier. If you can, sit outside on the balcony, but don’t worry-the indoor seating also showcases beautiful views.
  • Relax!
    • The base of the mountain has several seating options to just sit, sip a drink, and just take it all in!

Dinner at Local Restaurant and Bar

Located downtown, Local was by far my favorite restaurant of the entire trip. The menu features both classic and specialty cuts of locally-ranched meats and game alongside fresh seafood, shellfish, house-ground burgers, and seasonally-inspired food. (Oysters were amazing!)

Drinks and Dancing at Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

Next door to Local is the town honkytonk hotspot: Million Dollar Cowboy. This is a great time if you love two stepping (they have live performances on the weekends), cowboy hats, and people watching while drinking a cold one. There is a cover fee of $10 to enter.

Day 3

Farmer’s Market

Grab a bite to eat and wander around the local farmer’s market that is set up downtown every Wednesday and Saturday from 8-12. Here you can see I bought a cinnamon roll the size of my face, and it was delicious.

Whitewater Rafting

If you need an adventure, go whitewater rafting down Snake River! We booked through Jackson Hole White Water and we had the best guide! He was very knowledgable, and couldn’t have given us a better experience (I got to “ride the bull” which means you get to sit on the front of the raft and hold on for dear life, laughing and getting soaked the whole time you’re up there!) I do recommend renting a wet suit, the water this time of year is about 60 degrees farenheit, which sounds doable, but it’s COLD. Also bring a set of towels/dry clothes to change into after your float! (Forgive my screenshot, I didn’t want to purchase an unwatermarked photo for $50…)

Burgers and Milkshakes at Jackson Drug

Located on the square, this “drug store” first opened its doors in 1919! You can find the rest of their story here.

Visit the Local Rodeo

The rodeo grounds are located right outside of downtown, and I think they have the best rodeo clown I’ve ever seen. During season, rodeos are every Wednesday and Saturday (with additional dates during July and August) starting at 8pm, with tickets for purchase starting at $34. (Reserve/purchase your tickets from to avoid major third party upcharging).

Day 4

Breakfast at Cafe Genevieve

Great coffee, great food, cute atmosphere and quick service.

Race Down Snow King Mountain

Located just outside downtown at Snow King Resort, there is Snow King Mountain, where in the summer is full of activities including an alpine slide, mountain coaster, mini golf, ropes courses, and much more!

Round of Golf at Snake River Sporting Club

This is a private club that our concierge was able to work magic to land a tee time for the guys, but if you are able to pull some strings, definitely check this course out. It was beautiful, but I’m also sure that any golf course in this area would be a perfect end to a trip!

Massages and Spa at SpaTerre

This spa is located in Teton Village inside Teton Mountain Lodge. They provide facials, massages, and several other services to choose from as a way to relax before returning to “real life”. *Reserve in advance if possible*

Order in Pizza from Hand Fire Pizza

Rumored to be the best pizza in downtown, and I agree it was pretty good. Our crew decided to stay in, order pizza (picked up by the guys at the storefront) and play boardgames. We ordered a classic pepperoni and a pesto chicken pizza, but you honestly you can’t go wrong with anything from their menu. I couldn’t have imagined a better last night.

Day 5

Grab a quick breakfast at the hotel Bistro, soak up the mountain views, and head up to the airport, crying because you are leaving but looking forward to the day you return. You also could fly out later and squeeze another one of the numerous activities in the Jackson has to offer.

You’ve just skimmed through a snapshot summary of our 5 day visit to Jackson, Wyoming. In between these lines live so many good memories, and I cannot even begin to cover all the great things Jackson Hole has to offer. I even learned that these mountains are highly sought after for their winter slopes, so maybe there will be a snowy return for us in the near future?

Talk soon,

xx, Lanna

Great Wolf Lodge, Grapevine TX

*I am not affiliated with or endorsed by Great Wolf Lodge*

Great Wolf Lodge is a indoor water park and hotel known for its woodland lodge themes and family-friendly activites for all ages! Little known to me, GWL has multiple locations around the United States including: MA, PA, IL, KS, OH, MN, MI, WI, NC, GA, TX, VA, AZ, CO, WA, CA and one location in Ontario, Canada!

We have visted Great Wolf Lodge, Grapevine as a “staycation” spot several times over the years, all with varying ages of kiddos, and always have had a blast! Most recently, we visited and stayed 24 hours for my younger sister’s 13th birthday. So this post will be a bit of a double whammy covering how we curated a special birthday treat for her, as well as covering activities and other features of the hotel. *Note: I learned that all locations vary a little in activites and style, so check in on your local GWL website for full details about each lodge.*


Located in Grapevine, Texas, right across from the Gaylord Texan, you will be transported into a woodland wonderland designed to keep families entertained and immersed in a total vacation mode during your stay. Upon driving in, you are met by large wolve sculptures guarding the entrance to your enchanted getaway. Park your car in the unlaoding zone under the awning and let your pack loose as you are greeted by friendly staff and an easy check in system (be sure to use the Great Wolf App and take advantage of mobile check in (available 24 hours before your arrival)) which guide you to the counter where you are given waterpark bands and an invite to pick up your complimentary wolf ears. Unload your luggage and head up to your room to settle in or head straight to the water park to get your feet wet!

When you stay at the hotel, water park fees are included and you can access the park from 1:00pm on the day of your arrival (even before check-in) to 9:00pm on the date of your departure.

Our Stay

We stayed in the Kid Cabin, which sleeps 6 with a queen mattress, sleeper sofa and features a “kid cabin” equipped with a bunk bed, a twin bed, and woodland characters that will allow your kids to feel like they are camping under the stars!

Here’s where we changed it up a bit to give our birthday girl a special surprise-decorations! I was able to get early check-in by using the app, and our room was ready by the time I arrived at 2pm. Then, using command strips and tape so we didn’t tear up any walls, we hung streamers and balloons to give the room a flirty, fun twist! And yes, my mom made that amazing backdrop prior to arrival so it was quick and easy to put up day of!**Always use temporary/removable items when decorating anywhere that is not your home! Chalk and dry erase markers are a super easy way to personalize a surface without making any permant damage.**


There are so many ways to enjoy a stay at Great Wolf Lodge!

Indoor Water Park

Half Day Pass $40; Full Day Pass $50; Children 2 and under free

Open from 9:00am-9:00pm, the waterpark is kept 80 degrees year round and includes: “big kid” playscape and slides, “toddler” playscape and slides, tubed waterslides, wave pool, and a lazy river

Outdoor Water Park

Includes an activity pool and more slides, reopening Memorial Day weekend 2021.

Howler’s Peak Ropes Course

Rope Course Single Climb $14.99 + tax

Rope Course All Day Climb: $19.99 + tax

Outdoor ropes course that is several stories tall. Explore via a safety harness.


Game “open” 9:00am-11:00pm

Wand: $15.99 – $22.99 + tax*
Game: $14.99 + tax

“Explore the lodge and take part in the adventure of a lifetime! MagiQuest turns Great Wolf Lodge into a live-action game where you’re the star. You’ll choose a special magic wand, top it with extra powers, and set off on a quest. Play for a few minutes or all day. Be sure to take your wand home and continue your adventure on your next trip to Great Wolf Lodge.”

Multiple quests are available, honestly this is really fun at any age. There are interactive items throughout the lodge that are “unlocked” by waving the wand in front of the sensor. Very immersive, and highly reccomend if you are staying for a couple of days to give the kids something to do when you need a water break or after the park closes!

There is also ShadowQuest, and CompassQuest to complete for more experienced visitors.

Best for: children, teens, adults

Oliver’s Mining Co.

“Feel the rush in uncovering what’s hiding in your paydirt. Pan and sift your way to finding the beautiful gemstones and minerals waiting to be discovered. Take them home in keepsake collection bag, complete with a gemstone identification card and personalized labels.”

Best for: Children and Teens

Northern Lights Arcade

Located on the bottom floor outside the waterpark entrance, this arcade gives another option for a dry activity.

Build-A-Bear Workshop

Build-a-Wolf in Great Wolf’s very own custom stuffed animal workshop

Best for: Children and Toddlers

Scheduled Events

Entertain the kids with scheduled events like: character meet and greets, story time, cub club, the Great Clock Tower Show (put on by animatronics), yoga tails, dance parties, and art and crafts!

The Lodge also offers a summer camp.

Spa and Fitness Center

Don’t worry mom, there’s a special place for you too! Leave the kids with dad and get some time away to relax. (unfortunately it is currently closed due to COVID, but hopefully will reopen soon.)


There are several dining/sweet options at the Lodge available during your stay, including the Loose Moose Cottage (cafeteria style serving breakfast and dinner) Bucket’s (in waterpark food stand), Lodge Wood Fired Grille (upscale dining), Hungry as a Wolf (quick service pizza), Grizzly Jack’s Bar and Grill (poolside cocktail and bites), The Watering Hole (waterpark bar) Bear Paw Sweets (bakery and ice cream), Starbucks, and the candy shop inside the gift shop!

There are also tons of restaurants and dining around the Lodge if you are comfortble with driving 10-15 minutes. My sister is Gluten Sensative, so we opted to pick up pizza outside the hotel at Palio’s Cafe, and brought our own food in for breakfast and lunch at the Lodge. There is no outside food or drinks allowed inside the water park itself, but there are tables and chairs around the hotel where you can stop to munch (if you don’t wan’t to go back up to your room.)

In Conclusion

We always have a great time at Great Wolf Lodge, and over the years our family has created a lot of memories here. It was so much fun to celebrate 13 years of life for my younger sister who has the sweetest heart and the most gentle soul, she’s the perfect finalizing piece of our family. She brought 2 other friends and they had an absolulte blast going down water slides, trying to stay above the waves in the wavepool, and blasting through credits in the arcade. All while my mom and I enjoyed dodging water fountains and spinning around in our tubes floating the wavepool. In short, there is something for everyone here, and I highly encourage using Great Wolf Lodge as your next “staycation getaway”.

Talk soon,

xx, Lanna

Another hello: our love story (pt. II)

If you are just now joining us, please go read Another hello: our love story pt. I to catch up on all the deets of our beginning.

…Continuing on…

Harley in 2014, that smile still gets to me.

We started to make our little “dates” a regular thing-not advisable. I was sneaking out late at night, staying up late talking-WE WERE JUST TALKING- in his backyard, and I distinctly remember my chemistry grade was slipping because I was falling asleep in first period. (Still a goody two shoes this wasn’t normal). I should have known our “perfect”, secret relationship would come crumbling down eventually, but I had no idea it would have turned up how it did. One night, we fell asleep, and I gave my mother a panic attack when I wasn’t home the next morning. She had no clue what I had been up to, and she was not happy. Let me tell y’all when momma ain’t happy, it ain’t pretty andI’m just happy I walked out of that house alive that day after the tongue lashing she gave me.

Needless to say, I was grounded. For life or longer. And my mom threatened to have Harley arrested…because that’s what rational people do in these circumstances (she never did, no worries). She went to the church, and our youth pastor decided to remove Harley from the youth (jokes though the church was so small there was no college program so he basically was being removed from the church). This was weird for me. My faith was challenged, I was confused and angry at every single person I loved. I became bitter, and for me, I also stopped attending church (we can talk about that journey more later too).

Senior prom

While I was pulling away from everyone, including my faith in Christ, thankfully Harley was drawing closer. He found another church and stuck through my tornado of navigating my mother’s wrath. He is patient, he is kind, he is steadfast. By being apart, we were able to strengthen our relationship, and he encouraged me to seek Christ still, even though I felt numb to the idea. Looking back, I just thought I loved him then. If only I would have known the love we are capable of today because of what we have endured.

Needless to say, we survived the rocky start of our relationship. My mom eventually forgave him and allowed me to go on (chaperoned) dates. We went to homecoming football games and my senior prom (well kind of, our school had a weird rule about being over the age of 21 and attending prom-should have had him sign up to chaperone or something…), and our friend group became family. There are so many memories I have of those late high school years, and Harley is there for every good one.

Harley withstood rude comments to fight for me, and for the future he knew God had curated for us. Most importantly, he continued to stand by my side through many of life’s difficulties big and small: the death of my dad as a junior in high school, losing my spot on my high school sports team where I had played for 3 years, losing friends, gaining friends, the learning curves of inheritance responsibilties, and the hard first years of being a Fighting Texas Aggie biochemistry student. He continued to be there, even when I was crazy and tried to break up with him because of my own insecurities. He stayed and continues to fight for our relationship, even to this day.

Now that I’m in tears because writing this reminds me how much I love him, I’m going to stop here. I hope you enjoy all the grainy, poor quality photos that come with the mid 2000’s era.

Next time, I’ll tell you about his propsal!

Talk soon,

xx, Lanna

Another hello: our love story (pt. I)

Since starting this blog, I will be honest, I have felt a little overwhelmed! I have so many ideas that swirl around in my head at all times, and trying to get them all into words is sometimes a problem for me because there are so many things I would love to tell/show y’all! So I figured first I should dive into a little more about who we are, and let you get to know me (us) a little more. Our story is a huge part of where we are today, so I wanted to spend a couple blog posts diving into to the life of the Davis flock.

Our 1 year wedding aniversary

This man. Y’all, I love him, but I didn’t always, so let’s explore that. We grew up in a small, growing but small, town. Both of us had lived there pretty much our whole lives (maybe I’ll expand on my childhood more later, but for now just know we grew up in the same small town). I had attended one small baptist church since I was 3 years old, and we went so regularly I considered it my second home. One summer morning, we were loading up to head to youth group, and there was this new shaggy, wavy blonde haired guy in the mix I had never seen before: Harley. And y’all this was NOT love at first site.

Harley will be the first to tell you that he was cocky, loud, and gave off that “entitled” vibe, but the main caveat: he is 4 years older than me. And he was coming to church camp with us-oh, Lordy, bless this mess. First night of church camp (we stayed in a cabin that had a boys dorm, a girls dorm, and a common kitchen and living space) this boy runs out into the kitchen in NOTHING BUT A TOWEL. My little heart almost died-THE EMBARRASMENT. He never followed the rules, was always pulling pranks with the other guys, and was a little show-offy, so for my goodie two shoes self, there was no place in my world for his “kind”. ..but I will admit he has always been cute.

I laugh about it now, because he stuck around. That year at church camp, he accepted Christ, and he continued to show up every week after camp where we had the typical “you’re in my youth group so I tolerate your company” relationship-Up until the following summer, when we were put on the VBS recreation team together. For my non church people, this is basically the team in charge of running kids around with “bible-based” sports games that typically end in everyone being soaked in water because it’s Texas summer and teenagers in charge of kiddos. This summer changed everything. We became…dare I say it… friends. I learned this guy had the biggest heart, and a soul that ached for the well being of others. He is talented, kind, cute, and…still 4 years older than me.

These guys were basically inseperable.

This thought always rang in my head. I was 15, and was not chased by guys at school, and I had a older guy friend. It was fun to toy with the idea, but deep down, I always told myself no, because… 4 YEARS OLDER. So we stayed friends. I honestly don’t even know when he started to have feelings for me (maybe I’ll ask him), but I can assure you it was definitely after me. I even watched him go through a relationship with another girl, trying to encourage him when it wasn’t working out, that sucked.

It also turns out that we were neighbors and only lived a block away from each other. *CREEPER ALERT* I would climb on my roof just to look at his house and see if he was home…I know…I know…anyways. Moving forward to the fall, I remember trying to impress this cute older guy by trying to convince him that I was a great kisser (I had NEVER even gotten close to kissing a boy) and worked it out to sneak out to meet him in his backyard that night to “show off my skills”. (OMG this is embarrassing). He somehow agreed and it was very obvious that I DID NOT know what even the slightest I was doing. But y’all, he’s so sweet and didn’t even bat an eye, probably because he totally knew my ploy from the get go.

Needless to say, we did end up sharing a kiss, which was the sweetest little moment ever under the October stars. We began to make our secret little “dates” a regualr affair, and as you can imagine this could not end well…

Since this post has gotten long I will share the rest of our rollercoaster ride with you next time.

Talk soon,

xx, Lanna


Hello, friends! My name is Lanna and I have 0 clue what I am doing. I’ve had the idea to create this blog for several months now, but really decided to give this thing a go late last night…because the best ideas happen when your depraved of sleep, right?

I am married to my best friend, Harley. We have been married since December 15, 2018-but have been together since 2012! We met at our hometown church, and have been inseperable since. Because we have done a lot of growing up together, he is pretty used to all my crazy ideas and jumps in with me whole-heartedly!

This brings me to our most recent crazy endeavor, and the brain child of this blog: The Farm. Yes, we bought a (non-functioning) 5-acre farm in the middle of DFW at the beginning of March 2020, and it has probobly been one of the most trying, and rewarding decisions we have made so far. Wait, March 2020? Isn’t that right when COVID-19 decided to stick its ugly hand into every aspect of our lives? YEP. But let me tell you, this place is going to be so worth it.

It has been such a crazy ride, and I have decided to share some our experiences, failures, goals, and dreams right here- with you! Since buying the property we have gutted, and converted, a 750 sq ft “shack” (I’m serious) into a functional living space! And in September we packed up our 3 dogs (and cat) all their things, and shoved our lives into this quaint apartment-sized home. We are currently working on plans to build our forever home, and are hoping to begin building in the early months of 2021!

I cannot wait to share more of our lives with you all! Stay tuned!