Plans and Dreams

Garden Series 1/4

Today we offically start my garden series where I hope to cover any questions regarding the plans we have for our garden area (which includes the chicken coop)!

I plan to cover majority of topics (size, layout, logistics, design details, maintenance) throughout my next 4 posts:

  • Plans and Dreams

So make sure to check back in if you are having questions regarding our garden space, and if you have any other questions/topics you would like me to cover, please send me a message over on my Instagram: @theroostingplace.

The Space

Our assumption is that this approximately 64’X72′ area was most likely once used as a goat pen because there was evidence of fencing (and remaining fencing) surrounding this space. Here you can see we had already begun to stake out the area for our chicken coop when I took these.

While we are redoing the fenceline, I am extremely grateful to the old fence, as its borders inspired the perfect garden area.

We removed the old fence (we salvaged as much of the wood as we could because I have an idea for it on a later project), for several reasons: it was falling apart and leaning, there were only two complete sides and the fenceline curved severely making attaching a new fence complicated, and this is not the style of fencing I have in mind long term. So goodbye old fence, and soon I will tell you all about my new fence that will be going up.

Additionally, the whole area slopes slightly towards the pond, and other than building areas, we are leaving the slope to prevent flooding. So some areas are a little “wonky” but nothing that is a major problem.

Swipe the bar to remove the old fence!

The Dream

We’ve got big dreams for this “area”! The end goal is to fill this space with the following features:

  • Chicken Coop– check (total building area is approx 180 sqft)
  • 6 raised garden beds-2/6 check
  • Greenhouse (160 sqft)
  • Sitting Area
  • Water Feature of some form
  • String Lights
  • Flower beds, lots of flower beds

Below you can see a rough layout for all the garden features. I’m sure this will be tweaked, but I am a huge proponent of having a physical, drawn out plan in place to reference throuout the process.

The Inspiration

European cottage, but make it Texas. That’s what my ultimate goal is, however, as much as I am drawn to nuetral white and purples in photos, in person I can’t help but grab colorful blooms, so who really knows how this will turn out. Feel free to swoon as hard as I did over these beautiful inspiration pics.

Realistically, I pull pieces from each of these photos and spaces, because each is different. But they all scream “peace” to me. The creeping vines, the mixed tones and materials, the fine line between order and chaos…OOOO I love it all! Ultimately, no matter how my garden ends up, I want it to be a place of peace and serenity. Clearly, a Texas garden will grow what it grows, but I want this space to be a place of rest and growth, and a place for learning, no matter how it looks. I truly believe that the act of tending to the earth brings our spirits closer with God’s creation, and I cannot wait to watch this space flourish.

Talk soon,

xx, Lanna