Hello, friends! My name is Lanna and I have 0 clue what I am doing. I’ve had the idea to create this blog for several months now, but really decided to give this thing a go late last night…because the best ideas happen when your depraved of sleep, right?

I am married to my best friend, Harley. We have been married since December 15, 2018-but have been together since 2012! We met at our hometown church, and have been inseperable since. Because we have done a lot of growing up together, he is pretty used to all my crazy ideas and jumps in with me whole-heartedly!

This brings me to our most recent crazy endeavor, and the brain child of this blog: The Farm. Yes, we bought a (non-functioning) 5-acre farm in the middle of DFW at the beginning of March 2020, and it has probobly been one of the most trying, and rewarding decisions we have made so far. Wait, March 2020? Isn’t that right when COVID-19 decided to stick its ugly hand into every aspect of our lives? YEP. But let me tell you, this place is going to be so worth it.

It has been such a crazy ride, and I have decided to share some our experiences, failures, goals, and dreams right here- with you! Since buying the property we have gutted, and converted, a 750 sq ft “shack” (I’m serious) into a functional living space! And in September we packed up our 3 dogs (and cat) all their things, and shoved our lives into this quaint apartment-sized home. We are currently working on plans to build our forever home, and are hoping to begin building in the early months of 2021!

I cannot wait to share more of our lives with you all! Stay tuned!



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