Easy peasy tricks to spice up your faux garlands

Hello! I’m here today to give you some fast (and simple) tips on how to bring your Christmas garlands to life! I don’t know about you, but I adore those beautiful faux garlands that look like they just came fresh off the tree! However, my wallet does not. So, instead I improvise, because I LOVE having garland hanging around at Christmas time.

Basic 9′ prelit garland


-pre lit faux pine garland (if you don’t have prelit garland, you will need to wrap your lights prior to adding greenery)

-assorted greenery of choice

-ribbons (optional)

-berries (optional)

-pinecones (optional)

To start, I use a basic prelit 9 ft faux pine garland. I can usally find these for about $25 and get a pretty full, dense garland that will last me years! One of the perks of faux garland is it’s ability to be smooshed down and stored to be resused again and agian. However, if you smoosh it to store it, this next step is vital-you need to FLUFF, FLUFF, FLUFF! It will never matter how much or how little you pay for your garland base if you skip this step. I cannot emphasize it enough, FLUFF YOUR FAUX PINE NEEDLES!

To fluff your garland, simply take each individual wire pine piece, and manipulate it until it is straight and in a place that makes your garland look like its needles are laying in one direction. This step is very quick and simple, so don’t feel overwhelmed if your garland needs a little more love than other years.

Next you will be adding in your greenery. For indoor use, simply stick your greenery stem against the wire of the garland, and wrap a piece around the stem to secure in place. For outdoor use, simply hot glue your greenery to the core of the garland (this requres a little more commitment, but worth the outcome). I always aim to use at least 3 different elements in my garlands, and to place the elements in a disorganized pattern. Some will be higher, some lower, some closer together. This will imitate the natual disorder of natural garlands, and give a peace of mind when nothing turns out perfectly symmetrical.

Once your greenery is attached, you will want to “snuggle” your piece into the garland to give a more natural “I’m supposed to be here” look. Don’t worry if its not perfect, the more you wiggle and play the more it will fit right into your garland!

Once your greenery base is complete, feel free to play around with elements you love! Ornaments, berries, pinecones, ribbon-you name it! The whole purpose is to make this garland a one of a kind decoration, tailors specifically to you and your style! Have fun with it, and don’t be afraid to start somewhere! You can always see videos on my Instagram highlight, under Christmas 🙂

Talk soon,

xx, Lanna

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