Hallway Board and Batten Wall

The board and batten hallway wall is DONE! In all honesty, I started this project over a month ago, and this is one one the quickest projects to complete…if you order enough wallpaper to begin with…YEP. I only ordered one roll (I needed three) of this beautiful wallpaper from Wallery, and I realized the moment I was going to put it up. Huge fail on my part, but hey, live and learn. While I have officially dubbed this small, dark hall as my “home’s most challenging place to photograph”, this area turned out to be exactly how I envsioned it, and I am super excited to have a beautiful, yet functional, spot to “dump” all those jackets and bags that always pile up in random places!

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Board and Batten Basics:

I’m sure you noticed, but I have textured walls. Because the price of lumber is outrageous accross the board and we just built our chicken condo, I opted to let the texture slide and didn’t glue board behid my battens. If you want a smooth finish, use liquid nails to put up a back board (like a wall panel or thinner piece of smooth plywood, idk I didn’t do this don’t quote me) then place your battens on top.

I used 1″X2″ MDF boards for my vertical boards, and 1″X4″ MDF for my horizontal top boards. These are attached with nails (use a level to ensure they are straight), then fill any holes with wood filler and caulk the gaps to give a seamless appearance. Before applying your favorite paint, be sure to prime your boards. This ensures that the paint sticks properly and doesn’t soak in. That’s pretty much all there is to it to board and batten walls-its a super easy and fast project that quickly transforms a space.

Paint: Herb Bouquet by Benjamin Moore

I love how the green board and batten combined with aged gold hooks ties my small living/kitchen area into the hallway! I used Herb Bouquet by Benjamin Moore (but in Sherwin Williams Duration paint, we like the quality better). Every time I use this paint, I am transported into a cozy, earthy wonderland, and I am convinced this may be the perfect shade of green/gray for home accents.

Wallpaper: Shadow in Gray by Wallery

This wallpaper is the perfect additon to this space. I love how sublte the design is, and how it adds a delicate drama the space without crowding this small hallway. I will note that the white background does make the seams between pieces a tad more noticable than darker wallpapers I have used in the past.

Hooks: Gold Metal Double Wall Hook

I searched the internet high and low for the perfect gold hook, and these were perfect for the price. I may even buy some more to add to this wall..TBD.


Talk soon,

xx, Lanna

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