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Taking a break from our garden series to highlight one of my favorite little corners (currently) of our little home which sits in our guest bedroom with the Murphy Bed we built several months ago. This room screams functionality. We only have 2 bedrooms in this 750 sq ft temporary home of ours, so this second room has become a second closet, a place for storage, occasionally guests, and now a place I can go to get ready for the day.

I don’t know about you, but I am not particularly fond of getting ready in the mornings. I spend a lot of my days covered in sawdust, sweat, or dirt (most the time a combination of all three), so sometimes even brushing my hair out feels like a pointless task, let alone fixing it.

I’ve actually been meaning to turn the drab little corner of this spare room into a vanity for a couple of months now, but it wasn’t a priority because I kept telling myself “we’ll be in the big house soon, I won’t bother”. Plus we’ve been pouring our hearts into our garden projects, so it fell on the back burner. But when Frame It Easy came to me wanting to partner up on a project, I knew it was a sign that this corner didn’t need to wait any longer, and that it was time to create a space that I would enjoy sitting down in.

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Frame it Easy is exactly what it sounds like: custom framing made extremely easy! They have a great selection of frames to choose from as well as customizable mattes and glass finishes, and you can upload your art/photos directly on their site where they print out high-quality framed images shipped right to your door!

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This project was actually extremely simple, and took very little time or effort to facelift-but the results are stunning.

Here you can find links to the products I used in this space:

Zemple Desk

Paint: SW Insightful Rose

Sherwin Williams Insightful Rose

Ashford in Satin Black

Artwork purchased off etsy

Granby in Gold

Artwork Purchased off Etsy

Ashford in White

Personal photograph by Kate Elizabeth Photography


To paint the desk, I used Sherwin Williams Emerald paint after sanding with a light sandpaper. I am planning on adding a piece of glass over the top of the vanity desk, but if you are not going to do this and anticipate heavy use (or kids) I would prime with B-I-N Primer prior to painting for best results.

Gallery Wall

To hang my gallery wall, I use painters tape and “trace” the oultine of my frame, as well as add a piece to mark where the hanger sits. I then stick the “tape frame” on the wall and am able to move them around. The tape may fight you a little bit, so you can also use paper to trace out your frame sizes and play with placement on the wall.


Honestly, the windows make. this. space. glow. To tranform boring white windows, all you need is some black spray paint, and electrical tape. Clean your windows really well, then tape off all the glass and spray paint your windows. Once they have dried, use the electrical tape to make a paned grid, or to go over existing grids! It that easy. Electrical tape is black on both sides, so rest assured that these look great on the outside as well (if it is a front facing window, be sure to paint the frame of the exterior window as well. (You can also go over the white existing panes on the exterior since electrical tape is waterproof as well!)

And just like that, my drab little corner is like Cinderella ready to go to a ball. I can just hear the birds chirping now. I’ve got some additional tweaking and clean up to do still, but wow. What a transformation!

That’s all for me today! Talk soon.

xx, Lanna

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