From Beast to Beauty: Our Transformed Barn Workshop

There are some places that just turn into a “catch-all” mess. You know what types of places I’m talking about: those spots around your home that always end up as cluttered messes that no one makes time to organize. For you, it could be a closet, or a drawer. For us: our storage barn. It’s embarrassing how bad this space got, but I can tell you it wasn’t intentional. We never imagined that we would be using this barn for this long, and as the project to-do (and project completed) lists grew, so did the mess. We never made the time to fix the problem: until now. I am so excited to be able to take you on the journey that transformed our space, and let’s be honest, I’m so happy that it doesn’t take 15 minutes to find anything in here any more!

If you want more information on how I built my cabinets, please click HERE: How I Built Our Beautiful Barn Workshop Cabinets. That post highlights the ins-and outs of the cabinet building process, as well as has hyperlinks to how-to videos that I followed to build our cabinetry.

This post will highlight everything else we did to transform this clutterd, unsightly space. Below you will find links to products used, more detail on finishing touches, and a bit more information about how I transformed my floor using paint!

Overall changes and additions made:

What exaclty all went into this space over the past month?:

  • 3 cabinets with drawers
  • 2 large cabinets with shelves
  • Pegboard
  • Trim
  • Paint
    • Ceiling: SW Iron Ore
    • Pegboard: SW Pediment
    • Cabinets: SW Vouge Green
  • Painted floor
    • Originally I was going to use left-over laminate flooring from our little house renovations, but after seeing it against everything in the barn I decided to paint the floor instead. I used a similar method that Liz Galvan used in her Garden Greenhouse Floor Painting. I absolutely adored the look and decied to use the same colors we had on hand: SW Iron Ore and SW Pediment to tie the whole look together. Our tape ended up pulling up some of the paint, but honestly this only made me love it more, and I only hope you love it as much as I do. I will be using a clear sealant to protect these and make cleaning easier in the future.

I’m so excited to have this space in some form of order, and cannot wait to start getting our tools into thier new “home”.

Talk soon.

xx, Lanna

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