2021 Fall Round Top

This year my mother and I took a trip down to Round Top, TX for their Fall antique show. I will admit this trip was extremely last minute, but we decided to go after receiving the news of our permit release for our house build, and the idea of purchasing some pieces for the house made me all warm and fuzzy inside. So, we went.

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Funny (not funny) story: I rented a Uhaul for this trip. The plan was to drive down to Round Top, shop for the day, drive to College Station (to use hotel points and pick up the Uhaul), then drive back to Round Top for day 2 and pick up any purchases made day 1. This was a great plan until the morning I went to pick up the Uhaul. I drive across town, get my 8′ long covered Uhaul, then grab breakfast and drive back to the hotel to pick up my mom. It was then that my mom looked at the Uhaul, and looked at me, and said “is that buffet table you bought yesterday going to fit?”…the answer was no, no it was not. I bought an over-nine-foot-long buffet table and it was definitely NOT fitting. So I call Uhaul, return the trailer, then drive the other direction to the other store to pick up THE LAST 12-foot long trailer in town. Blessed is an understatement. Thank the Lord we realized that mistake before we drove to Round Top and I started crying because I had to pay the shipping on a giant piece of furniture.

Round Top is broken into sections where vendors and dealers have their tents set up. Some areas are nicer, some you have to really do your own dirty work and “hunt”. We did a little bit of both. Below you can find breakdowns of two “fields” we went to, and then below that, I’ll talk a little bit about the pieces I brought home.

DAY 1: Blue Hills, Round Top

This is a nicer spot. Beautiful layout, food, drinks, restrooms, coffee, and carefully curated vignettes design to make you spend some major $$$. Here is where you will find more upscale sellers, and rightfully so. Here, the curators put in work behind the scenes finds, cleaning, restoring, and placing their pieces in ways that are beautiful. Many of these sellers have picked up their whole shop and recreated them down in Round Top for their time spent. Here you find gorgeous pieces, but you definitely will pay the price for them.

DAY 2: Warrenton

Just outside of downtown Round Top is Warrenton. There are several “fields” full of tents that you can park and wander around in. Prepare yourself to “Rough” it here. No restrooms (porta-potties), very little food (we found a tent run by the local police station with wonderful burgers), and you’ll do some more digging here. There are some larger vendors here who stage their items but for the most part, it’s all a little more eclectic. This is where I found the majority of my “decor” and smaller ticket items.

Bring water and snacks when you come to Warrenton. It gets hot and you will be tired.


The Grainery

Seltzer Bottle: Gorgeous color still has some seltzer inside.


Wooden Serving Tray

Knock on Wood Antiques

Hungarian bench

David Fairbrother French Antiques

Shoe mold (on iron stand): originated from a shoemaker shop in Lille, France. The majority of molds had individual’s names written on them so that frequent customers had their mold on hand

Aztec jar: No backstory, found in France. The seller was unsure of its origin, which makes it more intriguing

Octopus traps: Handcrafted by fishermen, a rope was tied to the jar, then submerged in about 8-10′ of water (ocean). Octopus would make a home in here and then fishermen would pull them up.

Ginger Bee

(not pictured) Large woven basket

Clay pot: to me, this looks like a honey pot, and I loved it.

Antique feed scale

Rengai Living

Stone Trough: This Dutch stone will forever have a home in our powder bathroom once we turn it into a sink!

Maps and Art

Misc print: the majority are sourced from books written in the 1920s-1930s

Misc. Shoppes

While I cannot remember the names of these shops, their treasures cannot go unnoticed

Various bottles

Food scale

Green Leather top barstools: perfect for the basement vision

I also purchased a Dr. Pepper crate from the 40s that somehow missed its photoshoot.

I do not currently have images of my two large ticket items, as they were wrapped and placed directly in storage. But I will say they are gorgeous and I will share my 1800’s chest and 9 foot buffet table with you as soon as I can get them into Big House.

Talk soon.

xx, Lanna

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