Mood Board Monday: Main Bedroom Edition

When it comes to design, I am a visual person. I thrive off of being physically in a space, taking in the potential based on how the room –feels– and where it wants to head. I know, that may sound crazy-it’s just a room, right? Well, I see it differently, your home is so much more than just a collection of rooms. It’s a feeling.

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Of course, life does not always allow us to physically be in the space we are creating. Prime example: our new home build. Because of delays and shortages, I am needing to design and choose elements for our home way before we even step foot on a solid foundation. This is where my love for the internet and its resources comes in. While I’ve utilized Canva for virtually designing client spaces, I didn’t really understand its potential for my own home designs until recently. I kept thinking I needed a physical space. But on the contrary, by creating design boards for each space in our home, I am more excited than ever to bring the visions to life.

That being said, I am excited to embark on the new endeavor of sharing my design boards for each space in our new build with you all! Our home is being furnished completely from scratch, give or take a few pieces that will be moved out of storage. You see, in our last home, I was still learning how to create my own style, and then how to meld a style into the space we were in. We also had a ton of hand-me-down items that I didn’t personally choose (which was great given it was our first home).

Several of the furniture pieces are now in the Little House, and will stay here when we move out. So now we get to start completely over!

Main Bedroom:

Mood: Cozy contemporary with vintage feeling pieces, texture, and warm tones to combat beautiful modern build features. I want my bedroom to make me feel cozy and safe, surrounded by soft texture, pretty light, and natural comfort. We will be implementing several of these elements throughout our entire home, but most importantly the bedroom.

Back to design boards: the possibilities are endless, and taking screenshots and compiling all the goods in one place really helps bring the vision of a space to life-all without having to commit to a piece to see how it all will look together! I never consider these concrete, more fluid suggestions to spark creativity and help set realistic cost expectations.

To purchase a downloadable link sheet with all the items displayed above: please click below:

Another reason we are starting over is the size of our new house. We don’t call it Big House lightly-its huge. And none of our old furniture would “fit”. So we sold most of it and are starting fresh! This is super fun, and a little nerve-wracking sheerly because of what things cost-but that is why we budget, plan, and buy throughout the months leading up to move-in day! I’m super excited to be able to share this sneak-peak into our home with you all, and to be able to share links to some crazy cool finds!

I also virtually design for you! If you are interested in a virtual styling consultation, please reach out here or send me a DM on my Instagram: @theroostingplace. This process is super fun and convenient for those who want to start transforming your home but don’t know where to start-on your own time and budget. I will create boards like above for you based on your style, and send link sheets for you to order off of at your pace! Those I’ve worked with so far have loved the flexibility of this kind of option, and I look forward to chatting with you about your dream home.

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