Must Have Items for Organizing Tools

As you know, our barn project was recently completed, but unfortunately that doesn’t mean we are done in here yet! Now we turn our focus to finding all these items and tools homes inside their new shiny cabinets! Below I’ve listed some things I have found handy when it comes to organizing tools.

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Battery Daddy

This can hold up to 180 batteries of various sizes. I was skeptical at first but after using it-I love it! The carrying case makes everything very convienant, and the case also comes equipped with a battery tester.

Pegboard Accessories

I found a lot of my pegboard accessories at a local garage/estate sale, then spray painted them gold to match. But these accessories are wonderful for a variety that allows flexible storage options. We hang our hammers, levels, screwdrivers…etc… on our peg wall.

Label Maker

I love this little label maker. It was competetively priced and utilizes an app to print off not only letters, but borders and clip-art to maximize personalization.

Clear Storage Boxes

The storge containers we used have been discontiued, but I love the idea of a clear bin to be able to easily see what is inside each one! These 30L containers will also fit great on any 12″ tall shelf.

Stackable Small Item Storage Box

We store all our basic nails and screws inside these. They have customizable compartments and the latch/handle makes moving them from one location to the next is extremely useful.

Drawer Organizing Bins

Used not for make-up, but for organizing our drawers. These keep everything compartmentalized and convient to find.

Clear Small Storage Bins

These are also great in drawers to store specialty screws/nails. Put a lable on the top for even easier accessibilty.

Extension Cord Strap

We love the idea of these to keep all your cords contained. The metal loop allows the cord to be seamlessly hung on any hook.

ToolBox Liner

We placed a lot of our tools inside drawers and this liner keeps our tools from sliding around and in place.

Do you have any other useful items for tool storage? Let me know in the comments!

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Talk soon.

xx, Lanna