From Shack to Home: Build Me Up, Buttercup Baby

Last I talked about our demo process of Little House- the first step to turning this shack into our temporary home until our “Big House” is built. It took us several months during the heat of Texas summer to flip this shack into what we know now, and are still doing work on it to make it feel like home. We aim to turn it into a guest house/AirBnB once we move into the Big House, so the aim of this whole process is to make it homey for now, and for later.

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If you haven’t read my previous demo post, check it out here!

Little House Gets New Walls

Where we left off: we removed the front half of the house! Once we demo’d the front half, it was time for a group of framers to come in and reframe the front and add a new roof. This was another one of those moments where we knew that it was time to call in the pros-there are certain jobs I just don’t trust ourselves to complete and the roof seems pretty important. It was also July and extremely hot, no thank you.

Because our goal was to sell our old house in Houston and be able to move into this house by September, we also chose to hire out placement of the exterior siding and the roofing so the job could get done quickly and correctly. We probably could have done these, but as I mentioned earlier it was July turning into August in Texas, and I chose a black standing seam metal roof for the house….those poor men did an excellent job (I did tell them I was sorry for my color choice and the timing, but love how it looks so their hard work was worth it!) We chose to paint the exterior Alabaster by Sherwin Williams, which in the evening will pull yellow-you have been warned!

Now this little building is looking more like a house! Next we move onto interior. Harley and his dad ran all the A/C ductwork, as well as the electrical. We used the existing electrical box and A/C unit, just replaced/reconfigured wiring and ducting.

Blessing the House

Once all our interior walls were built, before we installed insulation and sheetrock went in, I asked our friends and family to send us a Bible verse or quote that was special to them. We then wrote all these on the studs throughout our home, and prayed over the house. This was a very special moment to us both, as we plan to spend the rest of our lives on this property, and wanted to ask a blessing over all who entered these doors. I plan to repeat this event with family and friends in attendance once the Big House framing is complete. I have a digital guide in the works that will be available for purchase that will provide an extensive list of verses we used, organized room by room! It will be coming soon!

Let’s Add Some Flesh to Those Bones!

We were then ready to insulate and sheetrock (yep, hired out the sheetrock because it’s heavy and we were pressed for time).

Once sheet rock was in and textured (I originally did not want texture, and will not be using any in the Big House), we could officially paint, and install floor. Tip: to make it easier to choose a paint color, paint your samples on foam boards! This way you can move them from wall to wall or room to room to compare lighting ! Colors look different in different lighting so be sure to place your testers in all areas at different times of day to best gauge your preference. We also set up a paint tent outside which we used to spray our baseboards, which made it much easier than having to paint them post install.

The interior paint color I chose for walls, trim, and ceiling is Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore, but we color matched at Sherwin Willaims using their Duration paint line in a matte finish. (Many people prefer satin in order too easily clean, but I haven’t found a major issue cleaning my matte finished walls).

For me, this is the perfect shade of white for interiors. I don’t find that it pulls too yellow or too blue, and looks beautiful with our black contrasting doors.

That’s where I will end for now. Next, we will talk about intalling flooring, and outline the vision for our precious kitchen!

Talk soon,

xx, Lanna

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