Mood Board Monday: Main Bathroom

“Cozy, comforting, connected”. That’s how I envision my dream bathroom. We have lived in our share of homes and visited our share of bathrooms, and the ones I fall in love with are the ones where I feel like I can truly breathe and relax ( of course also the ones with a large soaking tub). Personally, I don’t like a ton of bright whites or cold marble tones, not in my bathroom. I understand the draw to white bathrooms, I really do. They can feel clean and happy. But for me, I need my bathroom to be a true reflection of nature, with wood tones, warm stone, and earthy elements; so if that is you too, welcome.

I am inspired by dramatic metals paired with wood graining. Something about a sauna enclosed with wood makes my heart happy, and I wanted to incorporate that feeling into our home.

Our bathroom is composed of several “sections”: vanities, wet room, and toilet closet (in addition to my personal vanity that is not included in these design boards). There are several directions this space could head, depending on how the room feels once we have reached that stage in construction.

But for now, let us explore the possibilities, together.

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I was hesitant about the window between the vanities at first, but it has grown on me as this will allow for natural light to filter in through our shade, reducing the need to turn on the overhead lighting. I love how wood planking and beams will draw the eye upwards and give a natural feel to the space. It then comes down to design elements.

I am breaking up these designs into Option 1: light flooring, and Option 2: dark flooring. I am attracted to both ideas, but it will ultimately depend on the space.

Option 1: Light Flooring

Option 2: Dark Flooring

As you can see, each option can be turned in different directions, all being beautiful in their own unique way.

Wet Room

“A wet room is a fully water-tight bathroom with no separate shower tray. The “walk-in” shower area is usually level with the surrounding floor but with a slight slope to the drain which is fitted directly into the floor…a wet room typically contains a shower and a tub.”

Our wetroom will be equipped with a steam shower, two shower heads, and a soaking bathtub. The back wall behind the tub will be an antique tile and accented by a chandelier (most likely a candle holder to avoid any electricity risks of a steam room, and honestly the idea of a candle-lit soak makes me giddy).

The design of this space also depends on our flooring choice, as we will incorporate the same tile into the wetroom.

I personally love both looks alongside the brass details.

Toilet Closet

Just your average toilet closet, but make it fancy. I’ve included boards that showcase both flooring options.

I am extremely excited to work on bringing this relaxing space to life, and can only hope that this is a space of true relaxation for decades to come.

What’s your favorite: dark or light flooring?

Talk soon and God Bless.

xx, Lanna

p.s. (If you see something you like and would like more information on any items/elements in these boards, you can purchase my link sheets below:

These link sheets are complete with active links to all elements and design suggestions in the images above for you to peruse and buy at your own pace! Happy Shopping!

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