2021 Projects: A Year in Review

What a year. This year brought many hardships, challenges, lessons, and growth. This year brought joy and memories. This year brought so much love and respect for learning.

This year we learned we can do really hard things: and I’m not only talking about the projects we tackle. We learned that people come and go and that nothing is promised. But through the hardships, we found Home. By pouring myself into our home and the process of creating this beautiful life I have seen that life does not have to “go” a certain way for you to be content. You are not accountable to anyone’s expectations but your own, and no one can belittle your talents or the light you bring into the world. We are different, and we should celebrate that.

As I return to each project we completed this year, you may just see photographs and smiles. But behind each photo is a memory, is a lesson, is a triumph. I also love being able to look back and see how much I’ve grown in my craft- not only as a DIY-er, but through my documentation of these moments. I have found a creative outlet that I will be molding and perfecting for the rest of my life. So, let’s go back, shall we?

Murphy Bed

We started on the Murphy Bed in January of 2021 and though it was completed in pieces over the first few months, this is one of our most functional projects to date.

To read all the blog posts regarding the Murphy Bed click the links below:

Building the Murphy Bed

Building the Murphy Bed +Shelves

Chevron Front

Chasing the Rainbow: Murphy Bed Paint Color

Decoupaging The Murphy Bed Shelving

Murphy Bed DIY Headboard

Chicken Coop

Ahh, the infamous chicken coop! Another big project and definitely our most recognizable project of the year.

We learned a lot during the months we built the coop and put a lot more effort into the details and build than most would expect, therefore it took a good amount of time to complete. Due to the reduced daylight hours of winter, and my husband’s work schedule we were limited in the first couple of months to working on the weekends until it reached a point where I could work on my own. We purchased and modified our plans from Sarah at Twelve on Main, and I could not dream of trying to replicate those plans for my own benefit.

We have several more updates and additions planned, but until then, I will stare in amazement at the beautiful thing we built.

You can read/see more about our Chicken Coop in the posts linked below:

Our Cozy Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop FAQ

Chicken Coop Updates

Chicken Coop at Autumn

The Garden

So much was done on the garden this year. In addition to the chicken coop, the whole garden area was established and built up! I wanted a garden that was functional, yet beautiful since I spend so much of my time out here. While there are several more projects in mind for this space, I am pleased with how far it has come in such a short time.

Click the link(s) below to find out more about each garden improvement.

Ground Cover: there were a LOT of crushed limestone rocks shoveled during the Texas summer heat.

A Custom Chevron Fence was built: I adore the unique character of my fence. Adore it.

The garden doubled in size with DIY Raised Garden Boxes. You can read about my soil HERE.

We started the greenhouse (to be completed in 2022). You can see more of the incomplete greenhouse decorated for Christmas HERE.

The Workshop

In addition to the garden projects, our workshop got a complete makeover! We needed a place to call home for all of our tools, especially since we would be down in our little house for another year due to building setbacks.

Click the following links to find out more about this project:

Workshop Cabinets

Transformed Workshop

Little House Projects

Sprinkled in with the large projects were several small updates that bring joy into our home.

I Painted My Windows Black

Vanity Refresh

Board and Batten Hallway

I also updated our master bedroom with this beautiful peel and stick wallpaper from Wallblush.com (use ROOSTING15 for 15% off)

We Started Building Big House

Last but certainly not least, we received the permits to build our forever home. This was a ten-month-long process that really dampened our spirits ( you can read more about that process HERE) and put us almost a year behind on building. But God’s timing is the best timing, and we are even more grateful for the opportunity to continue building up this place we call home.

You can see some exterior home inspiration here

Keep an eye out for my Mood and Design Boards to see more of what we have planned for Big House. (as of this point we have completed our basement and are prepping to pour the remaining foundation!)

It certainly has been a BIG year for us here at the Roost, and it can only get better. We have been blessed beyond measure and challenged in some of the most difficult of ways, but we have only come out stronger. I cannot wait to see what this year has in store for us.

God bless, and talk soon.

xx, Lanna

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