How to Find Salvaged & Antique Materials/Goods

It’s no secret that I love giving an antique salvage piece a new life in my home. I don’t know what it is about old things, but I am constantly drawn to their history and stories. Even though my house is brand new, I wanted it to feel like pieces had been here for centuries. That’s why I constantly look for salvaged architectural details such as bricks, tiles, doors, and even furniture pieces. Even if it’s new, I want it to look old. (Check out our exterior cladding HERE. It screams old-world design to me.)

But Lanna, where do you find all these pieces? Where do I look to find some myself? Friend, let’s dive in.

  1. Antique/Salvage Vendors
    • Some of my favorite pieces have been sourced by people who find salvage for a living! I have met so many great vendors at Round Top Antique Show (see last year’s finds HERE) and through local contacts. Here’s a list of some of my favorites!
      • East End Salvage
      • Benny Jack Antiques
      • Stone Farm Living
      • Knock On Wood Antiques
      • The Old Grainery
  2. Facebook Marketplace
    • Facebook can be a tricky one to train toward your liking. My biggest tip here is to go in and search for items you like, even if you aren’t going to buy them yet. Search “bricks”, “tiles” “antique” and “architectural salvage”. Scroll and find similar items to what you are looking for and then save them-even if you won’t return to them. This will help train your Facebook algorithm to automatically pull up items you are interested in.
  3. Local Salvage/Surplus Stores
    • Habitat for Humanity has great items, and while they may not actually be old, a lot of times you can find tiles that will fit right in.
    • Search for salvage yards in your area and give them a shot-usually these are a trial and error but you never know when you’ll find a gem.
    • Garage/Estate sales.
      • Estate sales are superior
  4. Online
    • If you’re looking for antique furniture check out these below. There are usually items in all budget ranges.
      • 1st Dibs
      • Chairish
      • Etsy

You’ll find thrill in the hunt. I remember growing up, I would always get super embarrassed by my mother slowing down when she saw large piles of thrown-out renovation trash. And I cringed as she would recruit me to load up an item pulled from what I saw as the garbage. But every item she pulled was turned into something beautiful down the line. I guess what they say about one’s trash is another’s treasure really is true.

Seeking out salvaged items is often a jog, not a sprint. So start looking in advance of when you will need something! I had my old windows for my greenhouse sitting in storage for years before I finally put them to use. So if you are able, plan ahead.

Salvage does not HAVE to be expensive to look nice. Almost every structural piece of my greenhouse I found either on Facebook Marketplace or sitting in an old barn on the property. Even the lockers and birdcage chandelier came from an estate sale. You have to be patient and always have your eye out for those cool pieces.

Happy hunting, and talk soon.

xx. Lanna

Our Guest Bedroom

I like to start out every space I design with a mood and design board. This gives me the opportunity to “test” out products before I commit to purchasing them and allows me to play around with different design elements in a space. Plus, they’re fun!

When designing the guest bedroom, I wanted to create a home-away-from-home feel for our company, while staying true to my design style or warm and cozy. I grounded my design off this beautiful artwork I purchased From Laurel-Dawn Corner Studio and a gifted rug from Loloi Rugs. I love how the colors in each piece radiate warmth and comfort and give the room an elevated feel!

I still have several more items to add, but all good things come with time! Click HERE to read my tips about creating an inviting bedroom space.

Scroll below for links to products in this room.


Headboard: Nathan James Remi Channel Tufted Headboard

Bed: Harlow Solid Wood Bed Frame

Bedding: Midweight Premium Down Comforter, Lyocell Cotton Blend Duvet & Sham Set, 1200 Thread Count Cotton Rich Sateen Sheet Set 

Rug: Layla Olive Charcoal

Accent Chair: Penn Chair

Ceiling Fan: Minka Aire Orb

Throw Blanket: Chunky Knit Throw

Curtains: TWOPAGES Birkin Velvet Curtains in Sable

Curtain Rods: 1″ French Return

Artwork: Lauren Dawn Corner Studio

Click HERE to read my tips about creating an inviting bedroom space.

Click HERE to see some of my favorite bed options for a cozy transitional space.

Talk Soon.

xx, Lanna

Styling an Inviting Guest Bedroom

As the holiday season comes to a close and the guests all make their way home, I’m sure the last thing on your mind is entertaining and hosting overnight company. Trust me, I am probably one of the last people who is thinking about wanting more people in her home right now. In a span of 14 days, we hosted out-of-town family and friends for a total of three different Christmas gatherings and two New Years’ Eve parties-oh-and closed and moved into our custom new home.

*Alexa, play Crazy by Patsy Cline*

Despite my need for retreating back under my rock, I think now is the perfect time to start thinking ahead for the next overnight event. But I am not talking about meal planning or buying presents: I am talking about creating a warm and inviting place for your guests to retreat to in the evening.

I love my people. And I always want them to find my home as a reflection of comfort and ease. A welcome place where they can let their guard down, their children can run free, and they can find restful sleep after a day of fun. That’s why I put so much thought into creating spaces they can enjoy as well.

Like most of my home, I treat styling my guest bedroom as a jog, not a sprint. Cozy places often take time to curate-it’s okay if everything isn’t perfect on day one!

Here are some tips for styling a great guest (or main) bedroom where the retreat is welcome:

1. Start with neutral base pieces that anchor the room, but can adapt to many color palettes and styles

I like to start with the most important aspect of a bedroom: the bed!

Finding bed separates are key in making a space flexible and interchangeable over time, so opt for a platform bed frame in black, white, or wood tones and a headboard that can either be mounted to the wall or attached to your bed frame.

Check out some of my favorite bed choices HERE

2. Pick a color palette and style that reflects your home

After all, your guest bedroom is inside YOUR home. YOU have to also love it and while you design it with your guests in mind, your guests will love seeing a reflection of your style.

Does choosing colors make you nervous? Don’t stress: an easy trick is to anchor your colors off a piece of art, or a rug you like. Then it will all be tied together.

3. Choose quality bedding and linens

Whether you are a white bedding fanatic like me or opt for colored linens, pick a quality thread count and nice pillows. Bedding can set a room apart and makes or breaks the whole “overnight” experience.

If you really want to get fancy, use lots of layers! Sheets, duvets, quilts, throw blankets, and pillows all make an ordinary bedroom feel like a luxurious hotel getaway.

4. Add room-darkening curtains

Sleeping in or needing to put a little down for a midday nap? Buy the room darkening curtains.

My favorite curtains are these from TWOPAGES. The price for quality is unmatched, and you can customize them!

5. Ambiance lighting

Lamps, Sconces, Pendants.

However, you choose to do it, add in calming ambiance lighting. We joke here about why we even installed overhead lighting because I use it so infrequently.

6. Take your time adding accent pieces

Accent pieces elevate a room, but are not necessary. I love to hunt for functional accent pieces like chairs, benches, wardrobes, and side tables at antique stores to add a mix of old-world charm, but you can find these pieces wherever you shop! These pieces are where your style can really shine-so don’t worry about needing to rush!

Creating these spaces is supposed to be FUN! So this is your permission to take your time and find those things you love. It doesn’t have to happen overnight, or even be perfect according to a textbook: this is your home, make it what you love. I always like to design virtual mood boards to help me make those tricky design choices that come with shopping online. That way you can be sure you love how an item looks in the space before committing to purchasing.

To see more of my evolving, work-in-progress, guest space or to shop my guest bedroom: Click HERE.

Talk soon.

xx, Lanna

Neutral Bed Options I Love

I like to ground a bedroom with neutral, versatile pieces that can evolve with your style over time. Below are some beautiful rooms that I absolutely love the bed selection for:

I’ve picked out a few favorites to help you build your cozy transitional bedroom without breaking the bank:

Platforms bed frames

Gallager 12″ Bed Frame

Harlow Solid Wood Platform Bed

Hanks 6″ Steel Bed


Serena Steel Headboard – Modway

Halecrest Channel Tufted Headboard

Nathan James Remi Channel Tufted Headboard

Wood & Cane Panel Headboard 

Duron Headboard

I just love how all these add dimension and texture to the space! To see some other tips on how to create inviting bedroom spaces, click HERE.

Talk soon.

xx, Lanna