Round Top Antiques and Design Show- Spring 2023

2023 Spring Antiques Show | Thursday, March 16 – Sunday, April 2
2023 Fall Antiques Show | Thursday, October 12 – Sunday, October 29
2024 Winter Antiques Show | Thursday, January 18 – Sunday, January 21

Hello, hello friends! I just returned from my second “big” Round Top, TX trip and I cannot wait to share with you all the details, and things I have learned about this two-week, bi-annual antique show. The last time I went, I scored a couple of large items, but because we had yet to finish building the house, I refrained from purchasing too many furniture items until this trip and budgeted for some “big ticket” items”.

It always helps to have a list of items you are looking for to keep from getting overwhelmed-there is A LOT to look at! Many vendors take card, but it always helps to bring cash and checks because the wifi networks the card readers work off of sometimes gets spotty.

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What is the Round Top Antiques and Design Show?

Located under an hour and a half east of Austin, TX, the Round Top Antiques and Design show is a 2-week show, with shopping along TX HWY 237 between the towns of Round Top, Carmine, Warrenton, and Fayetteville, Texas. Along this 11-mile stretch of highway sit venues, barns, and fields filled with hundreds of vendors of all scales, ready to fulfill all your shopping desires.

Not all the vendors are open until later in the show dates, so before you visit, be sure to check out this website for more details if you have certain venues in mind. While the majority of sites are free, there are a select few that charge entry tickets or parking fees.

Click HERE for the 2023 show guide with comprehensive vendor, restaurant, and lodging lists,

Where to Stay?

Since the Antique Show is a large event with many visitors from all over the world, lodging tends to book quickly. You will not find a large hotel chain close by, with the largest town within an hour’s radius being Brenham, TX. Our number one choice is booking through Airbnb, VRBO, or similar local rental sites. These stays are precious and curated to the character that this area of Texas embodies.

Our most recent stay was in Country Dome Suites.

Click HERE for a comprehensive list of local stays.

What to Eat?

We always bring snacks and a pack of water bottles with us while shopping, but this year I was surprised to see how many more food options were available while shopping in the fields. Each field and venue is set up differently, but many had food trucks, bars, and restaurants.

Some of our favorites in Round Top were:

  • The Garden Co (American and Cocktails)
  • Casa Blanke (smoothies)
  • Lulu’s (Italian)

Click HERE for a comprehensive list of restaurants around the area.


Here is where the fun begins, and where each visitor is unique. Some vendors are open year-round (typically weekend operating hours), but the majority of the fun happens during show dates. Some smaller items will be firm on pricing but for larger furniture items you may be able to negotiate, especially if you are purchasing multiple items. If you’re wanting the best deals, go at the end of the show when vendors are more likely to lower prices to minimize having to repack their inventory.

Every location is a little different in terms of budget, activities, and set up so I will give you a summary of how we spent our 3 days of shopping.

Click HERE for a comprehensive guide of all vendors at the Spring show.

Day 1: Blue Hills

I love going to Blue Hills to start off the trip: 75+ dealers, and over 100,000 sq feet of carefully curated and beautiful shops filled with unique antiques, home decor, art, and more. Here you can purchase cocktails, coffee, and food from several vendors, and the bathrooms are always clean.

Blue Hills Website

I like to start here to get ideas and ease into the weekend-I very rarely purchase large items from these vendors because prices will be higher here. Typically I will leave day one with a couple of smaller decor items unless there is a must-have piece. This is a great social venue as there are picnic tables set up around and the atmosphere is very relaxed.

Some favorite vendors here are:

  • East End Salvage
  • Leftover’s Antiques
  • Gather Goods

Click HERE for a full vendor list at Blue Hills.

Day 2: Downtown and Beyond

We started day two in Round Top’s Downtown then moved south towards Warrenton, stopping at venues along the way. Prices here still vary, but personally, these shops still sit on the higher end of my budget.

Some highlights from day two of shopping are:

  • Fickle Farms White Barn (champagne vending machine)
  • The Compound
  • Market Hill

Day 3: Warrenton

Warrenton is my favorite, budget-wise. You are antiquing so naturally, some pieces will still be pricey, but I find a lot of larger items are much more reasonable. We tend to lose steam by the time we get to the fields here, but here is where I find the best treasures because sometimes you have to explore a little deeper. There are no permanent bathrooms here, only portapotties, and food choices are limited.

Our choice locations in Warrenton are the Excess I & II fields. Favorite vendors include:

  • Kock on Wood
  • Rengai Living

On our way back to our Airbnb, we also stopped at McLaren’s, which is a fun shop to walk through as the majority of the items are source form England!

My Finds and How I Style Them:

My favorite part of coming home is unwrapping everything and seeing all my treasures together! It’s an instant boost of serotonin to see everything cohesively work together. Every old piece has a story, and I’m thankful to be a small part of their journey.

In addition to the smaller, decorative pieces collected above, we also came home with a salvaged oak dining and coffee table! The dining table is 9’2″x 3’6″ and made (new) from salvaged oak in the Netherlands. There were several styles of this table all over Round Top, and style varied slightly with prices (for a 9′) ranging from $3800-$8,000.

While I don’t know the exact history of the coffee table, I adore the salvaged architectural legs and tall stature. It fits perfectly in our living room and I plan to add some large baskets underneath for blankets and other storage. After a bit of negotiating, we came home with this large, 6’x 4′ coffee table for under $1,200.

Not everything I purchased this weekend was old; we stopped by Magnolia Market in Waco on our way home where I purchased the large pottery vase and magnifying glass. I love how Johanna Gaines’s newer product lines mimic old antique pieces.

I also found some newer glassware in Round Top home decor-centered shops, so the Round Top Antique Show truly has something for all types of shoppers! You do not have to have a design business, or a large budget, to enjoy a weekend exploring Round Top! You don’t even HAVE to buy anything to enjoy going; sometimes it’s fun to simply be with friends, and explore the treasures that antiquing brings to light.

For more info on how to collect salvaged/antique items see this post here: How to Find Antique Materials/Goods

Happy hunting & talk soon,

xx, Lanna

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