Primary Closet Reveal

After 7 weeks of off-and-on work, my dream closet is DONE! There is something special about working hard for something and reaping the fruit of your labor, and this closet is no exception. Since we started planning our home build, I always knew I wanted to build out our primary closet myself. It’s a challenge I have been preparing for over the past couple of years of DIY projects, and every lesson learned has brought me closer to my closet.

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My first endeavor regarding cabinets and drawers was our barn workshop! Because I knew that the barn workshop was going to be a temporary fix to a long-term problem and that we would be moving our “workshop” to the garage after the build was complete, I took this as an opportunity to learn and grow my skills. (Drawers are still hard, but I did get better this time around). I applied a lot of the same concepts from that project to the closet project. (Click HERE to read how I build my cabinets).

I am in awe every time I walk into this closet. For me, there is so much sentimental value in this space because it marks the end of a stage of life for us. During our 2.5 year time in what we refer to as “the Limbo period”, we had limited space in our 700sq ft home. We lived out of boxes and bins, and things were never quite settled or put in place. I held onto things in storage because we never expected to be waiting for our Home for so long, and there was always an air of discomfort knowing our physical belongings were scattered. And then our little house flooded and that feeling was only amplified by the unknown timeline of moving forward.

But now, I go through boxes. I add items to the discard or donate pile. I hang my belongings and carefully fold them in the drawer. I am at peace. I am Home.

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Talk soon.

xx, Lanna

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